Teenager raises thousands for charity running in fancy dress costumes

Callum already had a lot of costumes, but his mum had to order quite a few more to keep up with his fundraising. Credit: Callum Yeoman

A 16-year-old boy has raised thousands of pounds for charity after running 5k a day in fancy dress.

Callum Yeoman, who is from North Common, raised plenty of smiles during February as he pounded the streets of South Gloucestershire in a different costume every day.

Jade Smith, who has been following Cal's progress, said: "He is a local legend in our area. He is an inspiration to young people.

"His fancy dress costumes are just absolutely fantastic and bring a smile to anyone's face that he passes."

16-year-old fundraiser Callum Yeoman wearing his Bristol Bears kit rather than fancy dress. Credit: Callum Yeoman

The young rugby player is no stranger to fundraising - during the first lockdown, he joined in the 2.6 Challenge to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, which supports people with the condition and their families.

Cal did it for his gran, Carol Winter, who is bedridden with the disease, and managed to raise more than £1,000.

When he came up with the idea of another challenge - in memory of his grandad, Leslie Yeoman, who died from motor neurone disease during the first lockdown in 2020 - the family were not expecting to raise much money and warned Cal not to build his hopes up.

He actually passed his previous total three times over, raising more than £3,300 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Cal, who plays for Bristol Bears Under 16s and has recently joined Cleve RFC, also raised a giggle with his huge range of colourful costumes.

He already had quite a collection from rugby tour events and his mum, sent off for some too.

Which is your favourite? Callum said he got the best response when he was dressed as a mermaid. Credit: Callum Yeoman

Cal said: "I'm quite an outgoing person. It doesn't bother me and seeing everyone supporting the charity makes it worthwhile.

"My favourite costume was the mermaid as it got the best response - people kept beeping their horns as they drove past me."

The number 8 has long held dreams of going professional rugby.

He added: "When I was in Year 5, I thought it would be amazing if I could go all the way. If being a professional rugby player isn't an option, or, after my playing career ends, I'd like to be a PE teacher."

His sporting hopes were why the 5k-a-day challenge was so suitable during the third lockdown.

"It was great while I didn't have rugby going on to keep on top of my fitness, raise a smile and help charities all at the same time," he said.

  • Which is your favourite costume?

You can find out more about Callum's Fancy Dress 5K Everyday here.

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