Woman finds 'meteorite' in back garden of Gloucestershire home

Christina Adams claims to have found the rock near her pond. Credit: BPM Media

A woman from Gloucestershire claims to have found a "meteorite" in her back garden - just weeks after a confirmed meteorite crash-landed in the county.

Christina Adams said she was "blown away" after finding the rock in the back garden of her home in Hempsted.

It comes just weeks after a meteorite came down in the Winchcombe area of the county, which is around 18 miles from Hempsted.

Christina believes her rock - which is black in colour and appears to have circular indents - may be a fragment of the confirmed meteorite.

Christina's rock, which she believes may be a fragment of the Winchcombe meteorite. Credit: BPM Media

The 62-year-old explained: "It’s fascinating. It’s obviously been under extremely high temperatures.

“Could it be part of the recent meteorite shower? 

“I’ve been to the Lanzarote Lava Fields and saw what the rocks look like after being exposed to high temperatures. This rock is a lot heavier.” 

At the start of March, a Winchcombe family thought people had thrown ‘lumps of coal’ into their garden when a fireball meteorite landed on their driveway.

Rob Wilcock, wife Cathryn and daughter Hannah, found the object – referred to by scientists as the Winchcombe Meteorite – when it crashed in front of their home on 28 February.

Christina says she intends to get her rock examined by scientists. Credit: BPM Media

The meteor has been revealed to be a carbonaceous chondrite, and researchers say it could provide a valuable insight into what our Solar System looked like as it was forming over four billion years ago.

It is being stored at the Natural History Museum, which confirmed they have had increased calls about finds over the last few weeks.

Mrs Adams said she plans to have her item investigated by scientists to explain what it is.

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