Mystery sonic boom heard across the West Country 'likely caused by meteor'

The meteor was captured flying over the UK on a weather satellite. Credit: Simon Proud

A sonic boom, heard across the West Country yesterday, was likely caused by a meteor, according to the UK Meteor Observation Network.

The boom was heard over the south coast in Devon and Dorset and as far inland as the middle of Somerset, just before 3pm on Saturday 20 March.

East Fleet Touring Park near Weymouth captured the loud noise on a security camera:

Meteors are pieces of rock which burn up on entry to the Earth's atmosphere. According to NASA, an estimated 48.5 tons of meteoritic material falls on the Earth each day.

Richard Kacerek, from the UK Meteor Observation Network said: " The reports we got seem to support this was a fireball meteor. The loud bang heard after this event seems is likely to be related.

"Daytime fireballs are extremely rare. It has to be a very large bolide class, to be visible during day."

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