New Bristol murals will complete 'world's biggest' all-female street art project

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Two new murals have been commissioned in Bristol which will complete what is believed to be the world's largest collection of permanent street murals by female artists.

The row of six buildings in North Street Bedminster, already features four individual designs by some of the city's most-loved street artists.

Now Bedminster Bid and Upfest have jointly commissioned female creators Emily J Taylor ('Ejits') and Lucas Antics to put their mark on the two remaining shop fronts.

It will complete the 'Six Sisters' Project, started by the founder of Upfest, and has been years in the making.

The project has been years in the making and should be finished by the end of lockdown.

"We know from Banksy and Cheo, the street artists, that there is a great male art scene but this is really shining a light on what we can do - what the women can do," Emily said.

"I think representation is really important. I think you've got to be able to see it before you can do it. I think it's a really good thing to be able to inspire other women and young girls to give it a go."

Both Emily's and Lucas' murals will sit alongside four others already painted on the buildings.

Bex Glover, Zoe Power, Gemma Compton and Sophie Long have contributed to the collection, thought to be the world's largest street project completed by women.

'Inspiring the future generation'

Stephen Hayles, who founded Europe's largest street art festival 'Upfest', created the 'Six Sisters' Project in 2016. He took inspiration from the "Painted Ladies" row of colourful victorian houses in San Francisco.

It got underway in Bristol with Gemma Compton's mural above the Upfest gallery and was followed three years later by Zoe Power's installation above Zara's Chocolates.

"This is all about inspiring the future generation," Stephen said.

Artwork being done during Upfest.

"This is all about getting female artists to apply to come to Upfest and know that it's a good space to come and meet other artists."

"These will be permanent pieces. Other pieces of street art around Bedminster change on an annual basis. We've committed to these being permanent installations."

The hope is that Emily and Lucas will finish their murals in time for the lifting of lockdown.

According to Bedminster BID, it seems fitting to celebrate the reopening of the shops on North Street with the unveiling of these new pieces of art.

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