Clear-up in Bristol underway after ‘Kill The Bill’ protest violence

A major clear-up operation is underway in Bristol after a protest turned violent.

Police vans were torched, buildings damaged and graffiti sprayed on walls during violent demonstrations in the city centre on 21 March.

At least a dozen police officers were injured, including two seriously, while seven people have so far been arrested.

It followed a peaceful protest in the city in opposition to Government plans to give police more powers to deal with non-violent protests.

Council workers clear up the debris.

The entrance to Bridewell Police Station - which was at the centre of the riots - has been boarded up while council workers were seen sweeping the streets.

Graffiti sprayed on walls was also cleared.

‘Absolutely disgusted’

Marvin Rees, who is the Mayor of Bristol, has condemned the riots.

He told Good Morning Britain: “We’re disgusted, absolutely condemn what’s gone on. And what they’ve done is they haven’t just smashed windows and attacked police officers.

“We have injured police officers - broken ribs, broken arms - in a police service that has served us incredibly well over the last year.

“I have been incredibly proud, not just nationally but internationally, at the way we have managed quite tense situations and these people who have done this have taken from us a year in which we have navigated very tense situations and kept peace and built partnerships.”

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