Bristol protesters set up encampment on College Green

Bristol protest on College Green.

Tents have been set up on College Green as people protesting against tougher sentences for trespassing say they will stay overnight.

Dozens of people have gathered to protest the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

ITV News West Country spoke to a number of people at the protest, none of whom wanted to give their names. 

They say they are there to protest against changes which will make trespassing a crime, rather than a civil offence.

College Green protest.

One woman said: "We're resisting the anti-trespass bill.

"People want to forage, people want to live nomadically, people want to be able to walk around. This is privatising public spaces and it's making living outside a class thing."

Another man said: "It's going to endanger most of our traveller community so we're here to show solidarity."

When asked about the timing of the protest, just days after a riot outside Bridewell Street Station in Bristol city centre, he said he understands there's a "black mark" on Bristol but added: "We're looking for a nice Bristol protest.

Officers at the College Green protest.

"As you can see it's all centred around a vigil for Sarah Everard.

"This is going to stay peaceful. If there's anyone at home who wants to show their solidarity to this bill please come down."