Lorraine Cox murder trial: Man denies murder but admits 'preventing her lawful burial'

Lorraine Cox died after a night out in Exeter in September 2020. Credit: ITV West Country

A man has denied murdering Lorraine Cox, who went missing on a night out in Exeter.

Azam Mangori, who is 24, is accused of killing the 32-year-old in his room above a kebab shop in Exeter in September 2020.

Lorraine Cox was last seen walking back from a night out with friends in the early hours of 1 September but never arrived home.

Mr Mangori maintains Miss Cox died after drinking alcohol and smoking drugs after having sex with him. Exeter Crown Court heard he panicked when he discovered her lying dead on the floor and left her in his room.

Azam Mangori is accused of the murder of Lorraine Cox. Credit: Elizabeth Cook

Azam Mangori told the court: "I don't know how she died or why she died, and I don't know the reason, but at the same time I feel really responsible because I just drank and drank and I didn't know she had problems.

"I didn't know she had diabetes and I didn't know she's not supposed to drink that much."

Mangori cut up her body and left her remains in bins and woodland around Exeter. The pathologist was unable to determine how Miss Cox died because of the length of time between her death and her remains being found.

Police searching an area near the River Exe following the disappearance of Lorraine Cox. Credit: ITV West Country

During the hearing at Exeter Crown Court on Wednesday 24 March, Azam Mangori denies murdering Miss Cox or trying to cover up the crime.

Simon Laws QC, prosecuting, said to the defendant: "You killed Lorraine Cox. You ended her life in your bedroom, didn't you?"

Mr Mangori replied: "Absolutely not."

Mr Laws asked: "You spent the following week trying to cover up your crime, didn't you?"

The defendant replied: "That's not true."

The court was shown CCTV of Azam Mangori meeting Miss Cox in the street and Mr Laws suggested he "took advantage of her very drunk state".

Mr Laws said he could be heard on the recording offering Miss Cox money, alcohol and drugs if she went to his flat.

The defendant said he could not remember what he said to Miss Cox.

Mangori has admitted preventing Miss Cox's lawful burial but denies murder. The trial continues.