Gloucester boy, 12, misses weeks of school amid uniform row about shoes

Gloucester schoolboy sent home for wearing the wrong shoes
Vaclav Carady was told he was wearing "unacceptable" shoes. Credit: Gloucestershire Live/BPM Media

A schoolboy has missed weeks of classes in a uniform row over his shoes.

Vaclav Carady, 12, returned to Gloucester Academy after lockdown but was pulled up for wearing what teachers deemed 'unacceptable' shoes.

The Year 7 pupil was then offered a pair of girls' shoes in his size or a pair of boys' shoes which were two sizes too big.

His mum Denisa Caradyova, 34, said she was angry when the youngster returned home having been made to wear shoes that were too big.

Vaclav's parents said he has to wear a certain type of shoe due to a high arch in his foot.

Mrs Caradyova, from Tredworth in Gloucester, said: “Vaclav came home from school at 4pm on the first day and I saw he was not walking well. I asked him if he was okay and he explained what had happened at school.”

Vaclav's parents then kept him off school because they say the issue is not resolved.

Gloucester Academy said it made every effort to support students.

Gloucester Academy Credit: Gloucestershire Live/BPM Media

Headteacher Jonathan Heap said: "We recognise this has been a challenging time and we have a large stock of school uniform that we offer free of charge, including a range of brand new shoes to those who need them.

"We would still expect students to be in school, even without the correct uniform, to allow us to provide support and assistance."

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