Bristol NHS staff treated to 50,000 free rolls by The Jolly Hog during the pandemic

Max, Olly, and Josh from the Jolly Hog
Brothers Max, Olly, and Josh Kohn founded The Jolly Hog and provided 50,000 free meals to NHS staff during the pandemic Credit: Southmead Hospital Charity

An independent business has supplied 50,000 free rolls to staff at North Bristol NHS Trust during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Jolly Hog team served the meals over the past 12 months to help feed more than 12,000 healthcare staff outside Southmead Hospital.

The vegan and meat rolls were distributed over 62 days and cost the company around £200,000 but co-founder Max Kohn believes the effort has been worth it.

He said: "When the pandemic first hit the country, we were so inspired by the level of bravery, commitment and sacrifice we were seeing from NHS staff.

"We just knew we wanted to make a difference to our local community in the way we know how – keeping people fed!

"We looked forward to every single day we came to North Bristol NHS Trust, and we’ve met so many amazing staff along the way."

North Bristol NHS Trust staff with The Jolly Hog team Credit: Southmead Hospital Charity

Olly, Max, and Josh, the three brothers who run the business, were supported by a team of 45 volunteers and Henry and George Herbert from Hobbs House Bakery.

The trio received a North Bristol NHS Trust Award and were presented with a special portrait from ICU receptionist Jane Godden as well as flowers and cards from staff.

Sarah Harrison, director of Southmead Hospital Charity, said: "Come rain or shine, blazingly hot or bitingly cold weather, the team showed up without fail – armed with infectious energy which put a smile on every single member of staff they served.

"That simple act of providing free food to our staff has done so much more than feed them; it’s been a real morale boost and a pick-me-up for staff during what has been the most difficult year for them.

"From supporting our staff to funding our Long-Covid research, we will be forever grateful to everything Olly, Max & Josh, and the whole Jolly Hog team do for us.

"They will always be firmly part of our NHS family here in Bristol."

ICU receptionist Jane Godden created a portrait of The Jolly Hog team to express her gratitude for their service Credit: Southmead Hospital Charity

The Jolly Hog will support the Long-Covid research taking place at North Bristol NHS Trust for a further six months.

For every Jolly Good Scotch Egg sold, 5p is donated to Southmead Hospital Charity which funds the research and have already donated almost £9,000 so far.

The family-run business handed out its 50,000th and final free roll on Friday 26 March.

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