Covid-hit Gloucestershire Police worker thanks 'out of this world' NHS staff after 11 week intensive care stay

Haroon works in the ICT department for the force. Credit: Gloucestershire Police

A Gloucestershire Police worker who spent 11 weeks in intensive care with coronavirus is raising money for Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Haroon works in the ICT department at the constabulary and was in a coma with Covid-19 for three of his 11 week stay at the hospital.

He is now recovering at home and wants to raise money for Gloucestershire Royal's ICU, to thank the NHS healthcare staff who cared for him.

"They kept saying I was very lucky to pull through," Haroon said.

"I believe I went in to hospital end of November/December. I don't remember anything regarding that.

"I'm still having problems breathing. My legs, I still can't walk properly, I'm still weak. I've lost about 20 kilos - that's about three stone - in about a month.

"It was very difficult for everybody. Not only for the family, but me as well.

"The nurses are out of this world. Very dedicated, very kind, very helpful and very caring.

"I thank them all for all the help they've given me. Covid is real. When you go out, wear a mask, keep your distance and stay safe. Even after the lockdown has ended. Covid is still out there no matter what people say."

Haroon has raised more than £2,500 for the hospital. Credit: Gloucestershire Police

A spokesperson from Gloucestershire Police said: "We’re sending all our best wishes to Haroon and his family".

They also added a message of thanks to Haroon's ICT colleagues who have been working "around the clock" during a time of "unprecedented demand".

You can donate to Haroon's fundraiser here.