Well-known Dartmoor pony put down after being hit by car

Hugo (pictured) had to be put down after he was hit by a car on Dartmoor. Credit: BPM Media / Plymouth Live

A well-known Dartmoor pony had to be put down after it was hit by a car and badly injured.

Hugo, who was popular with villagers in Lee Moor and Wotter, was struck by a vehicle at the weekend.

He was badly hurt in the crash and had to be put down shortly afterwards.

His death has come as a blow to local resident Tina Lort, who said Hugo was well-known in the area and friendly to people.

Animals - including ponies, sheep and horses - free-roam on Dartmoor.

"We watch all the ponies from foals grow, as we do the lambs,” she said.

Although speed is not thought to have been a factor in Hugo’s death, Tina said drivers often treat the rural roads like a “race track”.

Her warning was echoed by the Ivybridge and Rural Police team, who urged drivers in the area to reduce their speed.

“We are now in full season of livestock in pregnancy and birthing,” the team posted on Facebook.

“Foals, lambs and calves are roaming the moors. Sadly, they do not understand a road is dangerous so please slow down, look ahead, be aware.

“At night, animals do stand or sleep on the road [so] be prepared and drive in a manner that you can stop in plenty of time.

“Every year we have to attend livestock being harmed or dying on the road. Take control of your driving and understand the moors are free-roaming for livestock.”

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