Historic Cornish fishing buildings saved as £300k raised by Cadgwith Cove Fishing Trust

The three lofts surround the cove in Cadgwith.
The three lofts surround the cove in Cadgwith.

A Cornish fishing community has raised the £300,000 needed to save its historic fishing buildings.

The Cadgwith Cove Fishing Trust was set up to buy the lofts, which were at risk of being turned into holiday lets.

Fishermen in the area use the three old buildings to store their equipment and process their catch, while the other houses host an art gallery and two fresh fish shops.

But people living in Cadgwith feared they could be turned into "yet more holiday lets" and so set up a fundraiser to secure their future.

Cadgwith is the most southerly fishing port in mainland Britain. Credit: ITV West Country News

The £300,000 needed to purchase the buildings has now been raised, and any additional money donated now will be spent repairing damage to the buildings.

The fundraising page says: "We have leaking roofs and decaying structure that can all be put right if we have the means.

"We want to bring the buildings up to a good standard for the fishermen to use going forward, and minimise the ongoing maintenance required. Every additional pound raised will make a difference."

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