Driver attempts 30-mile trip with wooden shed on car roof

Police shared this image of what appeared to be a shed strapped to a car Credit: Avon and Somerset Police/@ASPRoadSafety

A driver who tried to travel 30 miles with a huge wooden shed strapped to the car has been shamed by police on social media.

In what is bound to have attracted a few double-takes, this red BMW was spotted by Avon and Somerset Police with the large wooden structure resting on the roof.

The driver had reportedly attempted a 30-mile journey Credit: Avon and Somerset Police/@ASPRoadSafety

Officers were less than impressed by the driver's attempt to mitigate the danger - by travelling at 30mph with hazard lights on.

The force's roads safety team tweeted: "In today’s ‘What The? Friday’

"Sometimes OT33 [officer] just knows when a car needs stopping...

"Making a 30 mile journey at 30mph, with hazards on to warn people of the danger? -!

"You must ensure the vehicle is suitable for the load carried and load is secure."

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