Dartmoor rangers say wild fire was 'particularly dangerous' to wildlife

  • See the remnants of the fire and the damage left behind

Rangers at Dartmoor National Park say last night's wild fire was "particularly dangerous" to wildlife.

Devon and Cornwall Police says the fire was started deliberately.

Fire crews from Yelverton, Tavistock and Plympton were needed to tackle the blaze on the side of the road near Dunnabridge.

Dartmoor National Park ranger Robert Steemson says this is not the first time a fire has been started deliberately in the area.

He said: "Unfortunately we get people coming up and basically setting fire to the moor, arsonists. And yes you're right, they cause a lot of damage to the land and it's very upsetting.

"There's actually stock in there as well, so it was particularly dangerous not only to wildlife but to the animals that graze in that land.

"What we're asking is if people come up and use Dartmoor with barbecues, just to be very careful. In fact, preferably, don't have them and you certainly shouldn't be having fires on the ground, camping fires."

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