Hundreds of Covid breaches reported in Devon and Cornwall as two mass gatherings broken up

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Jim Nye. Credit: ITV West Country

Devon and Cornwall Police dealt with more than 400 possible Covid breaches during the bank holiday weekend.

Senior officers say the vast majority of people were abiding by the rules.

But they are urging people not to be complacent during the rest of the Easter holidays.

A spokesperson for the force said it received 437 coronavirus-related calls during the weekend, with officers attending around a quarter of them.

They said around half (214) of the calls were related to Covid gatherings and a total of 343 people were spoken to by officers.

Rubbish was left strewn across the Hoe on Saturday night. Credit: Plymouth Live

Dispersal orders were also used at Exmouth seafront and Plymouth Hoe where gatherings "turned more challenging", said the spokesperson.

One person in Cornwall was fined for failing to self-isolate following international travel.

Speaking to ITV News West Country, Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Jim Nye said: "I think we need to recognise that Covid still exists.

"None of us want to go into a fourth lockdown, so I'd urge everybody who lives in Devon and Cornwall or who may visit Devon and Cornwall to stick to the rules - the rule of six, keep the space and wear your face mask."

Dep Ch Con Nye also spoke about the vast amounts of litter people have left behind in public spaces, calling it "disappointing".

He added: "We live in two great counties, two of the best in the country, with great beaches, great open spaces - let's keep it that way and take the litter away."

How many coronavirus cases are there in Devon and Cornwall?

Coronavirus cases in Devon and Cornwall remain below average. In Cornwall, there were 87 cases reported in the seven days up to March 31 - the latest date for which statistics are available on the Government's website.

In Devon, there were 104 cases reported in the same seven-day period.

The rolling rate in Cornwall is 15.2 cases per 100,000 people, while in Devon it is lower again at 13 cases per 100,000 people.

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