Clever pig escapes slaughter by jumping out of trailer on way to abbatoir in Devon

The pig made a dash for freedom by leap-frogging out of a trailer on the backs of two larger pigs. Credit: BPM Media

A pig has escaped death by jumping onto the backs of two larger pigs and leap-frogging out of a trailer on the way to an abattoir.

The male pig was one of three being transported to the abbattoir in Holsworthy by farmer Sarah Allan.

But at some point during the 11-mile journey from the farm in Langtree, the smallest of the three pigs made a successful bid for freedom.

Sarah said: "We couldn't believe our eyes - somehow he must have climbed up on top of the other two pigs and leapfrogged out. I've never seen anything like it.

"Thanks to a lovely farmer at Milton Damerel we have got him back but he's a bit bruised and feeling sorry for himself and so we are taking him back home."

But as the clever pig was being transported back home he attempted to get out of the trailer a second time.

The plucky pig may now become a family pet Credit: BPM Media

As Devon Live was interviewing Sarah by telephone after the pig's safe return, she called out: "Hang on - he's hanging out the back! I will have to ring you back."

Later Sarah added: "I've never seen anything like it. This pig just doesn't want to be in that trailer. There is a small gap in the top of the trailer but it's much higher up than his height.

"The other two pigs have gone to the abattoir and will be sausages. But now that this one has been bruised he might end up staying with us as a pet."I just want to thank the farmer and everybody who has helped us."