Cornwall Council car parks to stay free until mid-May

The scheme will now end in May.

Drivers will be able to take advantage of parking for free in Cornwall car parks until May after the council extended the waiving of charges.

Car parks owned and operated by the council have been free to use since January this year, to help those working from home find a parking space, with plans to bring charges back at the end of lockdown.

However the council has extended the offer until May 17 to encourage more people to travel locally and help high streets get back on their feet.

The council says the plan is to resume charging after that date, in line with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown.

NHS workers will not be able to use free parking passes when the scheme ends.

From then Government-issued NHS Free Parking Passes will not be recognised within its car parks.

The council says this is due to the council having implemented its own healthcare parking permit scheme, with more than 2,500 permits already having been issued to healthcare professionals in the county.

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