Neighbours on Bristol street create film documenting life in lockdown

  • Watch the report by Max Walsh

More than 50 residents of a street in Bristol, which backs on to St George's Park, have created a film documenting life in lockdown.

The film is called 'A Window in Time' and follows the neighbours as they welcome new babies and jobs but also experience isolation and grief, all while being told to stay at home.

Filmmaker Jenni Ventura said: "There's a lot of creative people on the street who suddenly lost work. So the first idea came from a place of wanting to connect with other artists and do something creative to keep us sane and happy during this time."

The project on Clouds Hill Avenue started during the first lockdown, with the backdrop of St George's Park allowing people to be filmed safely in their gardens or homes.

Bob Bowden, 79, is seen in the film reading to his grandchildren over Skype. He says the experience has made him reflect more about life and death.

Bob said: "If the situation arose where I needed a respirator or a younger person. A younger person must have it. I've had a good innings. I was quite clear in my thinking."

The seven-minute film touches on all aspects of life. The residents say they want the film to raise awareness for those who do not have a safe or secure place to call home.

They have created a donation page and are aiming to fundraise £5,000 for homeless charities Shelter and Caring in Bristol.