Devon and Cornwall Police Officers sacked for speeding during road safety campaign

Two police officers have been sacked after filming themselves breaking the speed limit in a high-performance vehicle.

PC Shaun Pearce and PC Daniel Pike, of Devon and Cornwall Police, were found guilty of gross misconduct and banned from policing following a hearing in Exeter.

The court heard they had shared footage of themselves driving a seized vehicle at 89 miles per hour with colleagues via WhatsApp on 16 January 2019.

They were taking part in a road safety campaign at the time. 

Head of Professional Standards, Detective Superintendent Paul Kessell said: "The behaviour displayed by these officers falls well below what the force and the public expect of a police officer.

"Through their actions, they have undermined the public’s trust and confidence in the police force and taken advantage of the responsibility placed on them in their roles.

"We will not tolerate such behaviours and therefore dismissal was the right and proper outcome.”

The pair are now banned from working for the police in England and Wales.

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