People ignore warnings and walk close to cliff edge after worst rockfall for decades

People have been pictured walking close to the edge of the cliff despite the recent fall.

People have been pictured ignoring warnings to walk close to the edge of a cliff a little more than 24 hours after it was the site of the worst rockfall in decades.

Tonnes of rocks on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset have fallen and are completely blocking the sands between Seatown and Eype Beach.

A 300m section of the cliff has fallen in what has been described as the worst cliff fall in 60 years.

  • Drone footage captures scale of cliff fall

Dorset Council has said it is working with the National Trust to put up ropes and chains to guide people away from the cliff's edge - but is warning people to stay away.

On Wednesday 14 April, the authority said: "Our rangers have checked on yesterday's slip and there has been more movement overnight in an unexpected part of the cliff.

"Landslips can happen at any time and without warning. Keep away from the area and stay away from the cliff edge. A selfie is not worth a life."

People seen walking near the cliff fall.
The council is warning "a selfie is not worth a life".

The council says there is the possibility of more slips and falls as the ground dries out, warning they can happen "very quickly".

But in spite of the warnings, people were pictured walking close to the cliff edge on the afternoon of Wednesday 14 April.

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