World record-breaker Nick Butter takes on mega marathon challenge

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An endurance athlete from Bristol is hoping to run 200 marathons in 100 days, starting in Cornwall.

In 2019, Nick Butter became the first person to complete a marathon in every country of the world.

The gruelling challenge took him from North Korea to El Salvador, across war zones and freezing temperatures. At one point he was bitten by a dog and mugged.

Nick's latest feat is unlikely to take him to such extremes, as he'll be running along the coast of Britain - but he will be attempting to complete two marathons a day.

Nick's Vizsla, Poppy, will accompany him on his record-breaking challenge. Credit: Nick Butter

Starting at the Eden Project on Saturday 17 April, Nick will run for 14 hours each day to cover 52.4 miles (a double marathon), every day for 100 days.

He will run 5,240 miles in total, ending up where he began at the Eden Arena on Monday 26 July.

Nick will be supported by a team of five people across three camper vans.

The first will hold his support team, keeping him safe and fed, the second will be his media crew and the third will be his home on the road. It will be driven by Nick's girlfriend Nikki and their dog Poppy will also join them.

Nick and some young fans during his Running the World challenge. Credit: Nick Butter

When Nick ran across the world, he did it in aid of Prostate Cancer UK after a fellow ultra runner, Kevin Webber, was diagnosed with the disease.

He has so far raised more than £140,000.

For his 2021 challenge, he has set up The 196 Foundation. Its title comes from the 196 countries across the world and reflects all the needs across the planet.

Each year it will support one cause, voted on by the foundation's donors. It could be anything from buying a wheelchair for a family to building a school.

The loneliness of the long distance runner - Nick would welcome some company along the route. Credit: Nick Butter

The 30-year-old hopes to be joined by other runners along the route. "We'd love to have some company and people to come and keep me company for the 100 days," Nick said.

"When I'm running for 11 hours a day, getting through 9,000 calories, I need all the help I can get".

Find out more information about the challenge, and how to join in, on Nick's website.

The ultra-runner will be carrying a tracker so you can follow his progress.

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