Warning after disposable BBQ starts fire near war memorial

A bin set on fire after a disposable barbecue was thrown in there, despite signage on the bin alerting members of the public to avoid this behaviour Credit: Padstow Community Fire Station

Firefighters in Cornwall have issued a warning about the dangers of disposable barbecues after one caused a fire near a war memorial.

Padstow Community Fire Station crews were called on Sunday 18 April after a disposable barbecue was left in a bin and caught fire close to a war memorial.

A sign on the bin reads ‘no disposable BBQ waste’ and a spokesperson for Padstow Community Fire Station shared a warning on Twitter.

It reads: "Shout 20:37 – Bin fire, near Padstow memorial.

"Unfortunately the signs on the bin were ignored and a disposable BBQ was disposed of in the bin.

"A hose reel jet was used to extinguish.

"Please read any signage about disposing of BBQs in the correct manner."

Across the West Country, Dorset Council are in discussions about banning disposable barbecues in areas where the land is more prone to fires.

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