Cornwall cattle hoof trimmer has gone viral with videos seen by millions on TikTok

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A man from Cornwall has gone viral after posting video clips of his unusual job online which have gained millions of views.

Ant Thomas is a cattle hoof trimmer from Helston who posted a couple of clips of his cow pedicures to TikTok and has had views from all over the world.

In one week, two of his videos which feature him sanding, polishing, and bandaging cows' hooves in very bright bandages, were seen 23 million times.

He said: "Most of the stuff I do now is live videos, so I will set the phone and film myself trimming every single foot.

Ant Thomas' clips have been seen over 23 million times worldwide on the social media platform TikTok Credit: ITV West Country

Ant is nonplussed by his newfound fame and isn’t quite sure why his videos have attracted international audiences.

He said: "I have no idea! I think potentially because no-one's ever seen it before maybe .

"It's quite an imposing, impressive bit of kit which helps. I have no idea!"

Ant thinks his videos may have gone viral because the tools he uses and the job he does has not been seen by many people Credit: ITV West Country

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