'I gave him a piece of my mind' - Bath landlord on why he kicked out Keir Starmer

  • Watch Bath landlord explain why he kicked out Sir Keir Starmer

The pub landlord who kicked out Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer believes the MP had "failed him" during the pandemic.

Rod Humphris spoke exclusively to ITV this morning to justify his stance on removing the Labour leader from his pub during a visit to Bath on Monday 19 April.

He said: "In my opinion, the way we’ve handled the pandemic has overwhelmingly impacted on the old, the young, the vulnerable, and the poor.

"If there’s anyone that should be standing up for them it should be him and he’s utterly failed to do it."

Mr Humphris explained he felt restrictions were excessive and does not agree with lockdowns as a method of controlling the spread of the virus.

  • Watch moment landlord kicks out Sir Keir Starmer

He also said he did not realise Sir Keir Starmer would be visiting the Raven on Queen Street despite his business partner having agreed to the meeting.

He said: "I did know that some Labour Party person was coming and I assumed it was some local councilor or something.

"I’d failed to attend to the details as I sometimes do and then there was Keir Starmer on the street so I gave him a piece of my mind."

As security teams held him back, he could be heard shouting "get out of my pub, go on, get out of my pub" before Sir Keir left the premises.

Mr Humphris shouted: "I am the landlord. That man is not allowed in my pub."

Sir Keir Starmer leaving the pub in Bath.

The Labour leader was in Bath to support West of England metro mayoral candidate Dan Norris.

He visited independent high street businesses to hear the challenges they have faced during the pandemic and how rebuilding will be achieved as restrictions are lifted.

The four people standing in the West of England Mayoral election are Dan Norris (Labour), Jerome Thomas (Green Party), Samuel Patrick Sutherland Williams (Conservative) and Stephen Roy Williams (Liberal Democrats).

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