Stunning pictures and drone footage show Rosemoor Gardens in Spring

  • Check out the array of flowers blossoming in RHS Rosemoor Gardens

The flowers at RHS Rosemoor Gardens are on full display at their site in North Devon.

The public display garden granted ITV West Country access to its grounds to see its stunning range of flowers.

The Royal Horticultural Society owns the land which features an arboretum, herb, fruit, and vegetable garden, and a rose garden that houses over 2,000 roses.

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  • Watch interview with Rosemoor creator Jon Webster

Jon Webster, the curator at RHS Rosemoor Gardens, said: "Rosemoor's a frost pocket so we're used to the really cold weather here and unpredictable weather.

"The plants are clever, a lot of them do come out when the conditions are right so they're not damaged, but some things like magnolias can be a bit tender and do get caught out.

"Other plants just find the right time and it may be a bit delayed but that's the beauty of gardening, one year's not the same as the next.

"Spring is when the garden comes alive with colour and lots of it all at once after that dull winter.

"We've found April has been really dry with us, luckily the soil with us is an acid loam which is quite moisture retentive.

"April is a big time when we do a lot of planting so we do have to give a bit of supplementary watering as and when required."

Credit: ITV West Country
Bees are attracted to the growing flowers at the gardens during Spring for pollination Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country
Drone shot above Rosemoor showing its intricate garden design Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country

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