Safety campaign to get fishing crews 'Home and Dry' following deaths in Brixham

  • Home and Dry campaign video

A safety campaign has begun to reduce the 'alarming' number of deaths among fishing crews.

It comes as more than 10% of fatalities in the fishing industry over the last decade have happened in the last six months.

In the past six months, seven fishermen across the country, including two on a trawler from Brixham, have lost their lives at sea. Six of the men who died ended up in the water. 

Now the industry's safety group is launching the Home and Dry campaign aims to help those on vessels stay safe by educating them on practices they can use to reduce risks.

They say they have three simple steps to reduces the risk of falling overboard.

  • 1.    Complete a written risk assessment and review regularly 

  • 2.    Practise Man Overboard drills regularly

  • 3.    Always wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) on deck for if the worst happens

85% of deaths involve people ending up in the water and 42% of all deaths are recorded as man overboard incidents.

Over the last 10 years, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch, reported 60 fatalities from UK fishing vessels and 51 of those ended up in water. 25 deaths were recorded as man overboard incidents. The highest number of fatalities is on vessels under 15 metres.  

The campaign's dedicated safety website gives fishing crews shows a number of videos on how to stay safe including how to do a risk assessment, advice on ManOverboard drills and training and how to wear a PFD properly. 

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