Chihuahua reunited with owner - two years after it was stolen in burglary

A Chihuahua has been reunited with her rightful owner in Swindon after being stolen almost two years ago.

The dog, called Paris, was taken during a burglary in Gorse Hill in October 2019. Despite police enquiries at the time, the burglars were never found and detectives were unable to locate Paris.

Owner Lisa Lockey had given up hope until she received a letter earlier this month from microsoft database Petlog saying someone was trying to register themselves as Paris' owner.

Wiltshire Police reopened the case and tracked down the dog to Buckinghamshire.

It turned out Paris was being looked after by a woman who had bought her from a London pet shop in December 2019.

Paris has now been returned to the Lockey family fit and well but expecting puppies.  

Paris' owner Lisa Lockey says she has not left her side since they were reunited.

Lisa said the entire process has been an "emotional rollercoaster" as she had given up hope of ever seeing her beloved pet again.

She told ITV News: "It was devastating for the family - we couldn't sleep, we didn't know where she was, when she was going to come home or if she was going to come home.

Lisa said she "couldn't believe it" when the letter came through from Petlog: "We were so happy to know she was still here and obviously someone had her that obviously was caring for her."

The police facilitated negotiations between Lisa and the woman in Buckinghamshire, who they say had bought the dog "in good faith".

Once a vet determined it was safe for Paris to travel while pregnant, police arranged for her to be reunited with Lisa who is the legal owner of her and her puppies.

Lisa described the reunion as "emotional" as she feared Paris would not remember her but she said Paris has not left her side since arriving home.

Paris is expecting puppies in a few weeks.

Inspector Gill Hughes said: "This was a case where a person bought a dog from a pet shop believing it to be legal only to find out later that the animal was indeed stolen property. 

"I would urge anyone buying a dog or puppy to do their research beforehand and to go through the check list of do's and don'ts in buying one. Even if you are purchasing from a shop. 

"Thankfully, the dog - along with puppies - has been reunited with its rightful owner now; this also has a message in the tale - as the dog was microchipped and registered with Petlog, when someone went to try and change the ownership it was flagged to the original owner. 

"Without that, I doubt we would have ever found the animal. It pays to microchip your pets."

To avoid buying a stolen or farmed puppy always make sure you see mum and her pups together, and never buy a puppy if you have doubts about the breeder or situation - buying the puppy will only fund their illegal operation.

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