Rare 'tiny tornado' caught on camera in Devon

A strange weather phenomenon that looks like a mini tornado has been caught on camera in Devon.

Filmed in Crapstone near Yelverton, the footage shows what is known as a 'dust devil' swirling in the wind.

The video was taken by Becky Taylor and shared on the UK Weather Chase Facebook page.

It seems you have to be in the right place, right time, to see one of these twisters happen, let alone get a video of it.

Becky says she was heading back to her van after a walk with her dog when she caught sight of what looked like a resembling a little tornado.

She had the door slightly open because it was warm, but it suddenly slammed shut and the van started to shake.

According to UK Weather Chase: "Dust devils are an interesting phenomena which form in an upward motion from the ground to the sky.

"They are short-lived whirlwinds that are mainly harmless.

"They tend to form when hot air at the surface begins to rise rapidly with much cooler air above it and higher up into the atmosphere.

"The warm air then stretches and causes a spinning motion much like a tornado."

The group said they're short-lived because hot air eventually gets pulled in and dissipates out.

It seems for one of these to happen you need a lot of sunshine, little-to-no wind and very cool atmosphere above.

The group added: "They are more prone to becoming visible when they form over areas like gravel terrain, tarmac and dusty-like terrain."

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