Green party co-leader Jonathan Bartley calls for huge NHS pay increase on visit to Bristol

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley riding an electric bicycle through a business park in bristol

The co-leader of the Green Party has called for massive pay rises within the NHS during a visit to a business park in Bristol.

Jonathan Bartley was in Filwood Green Business Park in Knowle West to support the Green candidate for Bristol Mayor, Sandy Hore-Ruthven.

During his visit Mr Bartley called for a 15% pay increase for staff working in the health service following their efforts during the pandemic.

Mr Bartley also called for local test and trace systems instead of the current national app in order to prevent another lockdown.

Jonathan Bartley says NHS staff are deserving of more than they currently receive.

He praised the efforts of the NHS throughout all stages of the pandemic.

He said: "The NHS can hold its head high because of the way it has administered the vaccine rollout. The NHS as we've seen throughout this crisis has gone above and beyond and it's a service we can be absolutely proud of."

He added: "I think we should go further, we should reward NHS staff with a 15% pay rise, It isn't enough to clap for the people who are putting their lives on the line for all of us.

The Government has already confirmed that a freeze on pay rises will not affect NHS staff.

Candidates for Mayor of Bristol:

  • Marvin Rees - Labour

  • Caroline Gooch - Liberal Democrat

  • Sandy Hore-Ruthven - Green

  • Alistair Watson - Conservatve

  • Sean Donnelly - Independent

  • John Langley - Independent

  • Tom Baldwin - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

  • Oska Shaw - Rights for Nature Campaign

  • Robert Clarke - Reform UK