'I don't believe it' - Devon woman turns 105

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A care home in Devon has pulled out all the stops to help one of its oldest residents celebrate her 105th birthday.

Staff at Yelverton Residential Home put out a request on their Facebook page for people to send cards to Rosaleen Rothwell.

They were overwhelmed with the response, with cards arriving from near and far - including a very special congratulation from Her Majesty the Queen.

Rosaleen is a self-confessed animal lover and was able to get cuddles from her niece's dog, Mia, who she has a soft spot for.

As an added surprise, the Yelverton staff even got a horse to visit for the day to give Rosaleen a day to remember.

Animal-lover Rosaleen had plenty of guests at her party.

And how does the guest of honour feel about turning 105?

"I don't believe it! People keep trying to convince me - and I won't be convinced of something that's not true."

Staff are happy to make a fuss of Rosaleen no matter what age she is, and they say they've been overjoyed at the public's response to her birthday.

Carer Catherine Berna said: "I know we've received over 100 cards, the balloons were donated, cakes have been donated and other sweet treats.

"It's been all over social media with people wishing her a happy birthday, it's been amazing."

With restrictions eased Rosaleen was able to have family visit her in the garden.

Rosaleen's niece's beloved dog Mia even stopped by.

Her niece, Marganne, said she was delighted to be able to share the day with such a "brave" woman.

She told ITV News West Country: "To be so lucky to have had her this long is incredible, she's such a lovely lady, such a brave lady, she's had so much courage in her life."

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