HBO confirms filming has started for Game of Thrones prequel as crews spotted in Cornwall

St Michaels mount filming
Film sets have been popping up in recent weeks. Credit: BPM Media

Eagle-eyed locals have spotted camera crews and famous faces on the Cornish coast as HBO confirms filming has begun on the Game of Thrones prequel.

The series, called House of The Dragon, has been hotly anticipated by GoT fans across the world since the original show came to a dramatic end in 2019.

Now large film crews have been spotted at Holywell Bay near Newquay, and on St Michael's Mount.

Two of the show’s lead cast, former Doctor Who star Matt Smith and up-and-coming actress Emma D’Arcy, were also spotted at Holywell Beach.

There are several suspected locations along the coast. Credit: BPM Media
Two of the show's stars were spotted in full costume on Holywell beach.
Full sets have been erected on the side of St Michael's Mount. Credit: BPM Media

The beach has been the focal point of a lot of speculation in the past week as it was where several Warner Bros lorries were spotted.

The trucks were seen unloading lighting rigs, staging and luxury toilets fit for the cast of a multi-million pound production.

House of the Dragon is a prequel set 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

Focusing on the Targaryen family, it will not feature any of the main characters from the original series - but does include many of their ancestors.

It is due to release next year via HBO Max, with the company sharing images of the leading cast doing table readings on Tuesday 27 April.

As well as Holywell Bay, the island of St Michael’s Mount is also being used by HBO to film the series. On the Mount, large stone sets are being built on one side, with crew tents having been put up some time last week.

At the top of one set, a stone-looking archway, the sigil of House Velaryon was spotted last week.

Many suspected the show was being filmed when familiar arches were spotted in the area. Credit: BPM Media

The seahorse emblem, for many people, already confirmed this was indeed the set-to-be of House of the Dragon. This house had already been confirmed as part of the new series, alongside the dragon-wielding Targaryens.

Other clues that the series is being filmed in Cornwall included a job posting for bearded, long-haired men, around a month ago - with the same description from the same company, Scout Productions, as previous casting for GoT filming in Ireland - as well as confirmation from the studio that it had commenced filming in early 2021.

The official Twitter account for the series confirmed production is in full swing, with a release set for 2022.

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