Plans for mansion shaped like cruise ship rejected by Cornwall Council

mawgan porth mansion rejection artists impression Cornwall Council
Locals voiced concerns that the structure would not fit the theme of Mawgan Porth.

Plans to build a modern home in the shape of a ship have been rejected after councillors said it did not fit in with the local area.

An application had been submitted to Cornwall Council for the demolition of an existing house in Mawgan Porth and for a new luxury home to be built in its place.

Planning officers had recommended the plans should be approved but locals were concerned that the new home, described as looking like the “bow of an ocean liner” would be out of place.

Under the proposals the new home would have four floors with balcony and decking areas which would jut out, similar to the front of a ship. The home would have views across Mawgan Porth and would be visible from the beach and coast path.

Cornwall Council’s central sub-area planning committee decided to refuse planning permission for the new home.

Introducing such a bold design into Mawgan Porth was described as "a step too far"

Local resident John Cook, who objected to the plans, said there was no objection to the principle of demolishing the existing property and replacing it with a new one, but it was the design of the proposed new home which had caused concerns.

He said it was “a hugely imposing structure” and added: “There is no harbour at Mawgan Porth or moorings, indeed there is nothing in the area that would link with a nautical theme.”

William Corbett from St Mawgan Parish Council said the council had objected to the plans due to the height, bulk and massing of the proposed new building.

He said: “This is the first time that anyone has tried to replace a two-storey dwelling with a four-storey dwelling [in Mawgan Port].

“[If approved] It is likely to lead to ever taller buildings or apartment blocks. This is not what the community wants and that is reflected by the objections.”

Cllr Corbett said the parish council was not opposed to contemporary buildings but said the proposal “goes too far”.

The planning committee heard the original design for the new home had been considered by the Cornwall design review panel which had suggested some alterations.

As a result the applicants had scaled back the balcony and decking areas, pulling them back closer to the building.

Jason Jarvis, agent for the applicants, told the committee “the character of the proposal reflects the very nature of Mawgan Porth”.

Local Cornwall councillor John Fitter had also objected to the application and said he agreed with the comments made by Mr Cook and St Mawgan Parish Council.

He said while he did not object to the principle of development on the site the proposal was “a bridge too far” adding: “The design is not suitable for this location. I am not against modern design but we have to be careful how far we take those boundaries.”

Committee member Joanna Kenny said she felt there was enough against the application to refuse planning permission. She proposed that it be refused because it did not fit in the character of the area.

The committee agreed to refuse planning permission with nine votes in favour, two against and one abstention.

Credit: Richard Whitehouse, Local Democracy Reporting Service

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