Bristol couple open front door to find armed men on driveway stealing car's catalytic converter

  • Watch moment couple confront car robbers in Bristol

Video footage has captured the moment a couple from Bristol confronted masked armed robbers on their driveway.

Marta Fernandez-Anean and her fiance Amjad Reza Mehdi were met by three masked men when they went to find out who was drilling outside of their home.

The men were armed with power tools and attempting to steal a catalytic converter from their parked car.

A video of the incident Marta took on he phone shows the men threatening her partner with a drill before fleeing the scene.

Marta and Amjad pictured next to their car. Credit: BPM Media

“I didn't know if they were trying to steal the car or just vandalising it,” Amjad explained.

The family’s three-year-old son was sleeping upstairs at the time, Marta said: “All I kept thinking was what if our son comes downstairs and sees his parents dead on the ground.

"I was so worried for my son, I had images of those people attacking us and my son waking up to no one."

The thieves stole a catalytic converter, which is an exhaust emission control device. According to Amjad, it will cost £1,500 to replace.

The thieves had the car jacked up and stole its catalytic converter. Credit: BPM Media/Bristol Live

After alerting Avon and Somerset Police, the couple were told theft of catalytic converters is a common issue.

A force spokesperson said the group took off in a blue vehicle in the Henbury area of Bristol.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101, quoting crime reference number 5221089920.

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