Police patrols to be stepped up at Cornish beach after arson and criminal damage

Patrols are stepping up on Polkerris beach. Credit: St Austell Police.

Police have announced they are increasing the number of patrols near a Cornish beach after damage was caused to the beauty spot at the weekend.

Devon and Cornwall Police have said there were reports of arson, criminal damage and fly-tipping on Polkerris Beach, near Par, on Saturday 24 April.

St Austell Police said benches were set on fire, broken glass was left behind on the beach and boat straps were damaged.

Now the force is asking people to share information about any incidents with them and report crime as soon as possible after they witness it.

There will also be more patrols in the area.

A spokesperson for St Austell Police said: "A number of criminal acts were committed down at Polkerris Beach.

"Benches were used to start fires, broken glass was left in the sand and boat straps were removed/damaged.

"A large group was spotted at the beach on the same evening

"We will be stepping up patrols to put a stop to this.

"If you have any information for us or wish to report an incident/crime please make contact with us as soon as you can."

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