Westpoint coronavirus vaccination centre to close as NHS moves to new location

NHS staff will move from Westpoint to Greendale Business Park from May 7.

The coronavirus vaccination centre at Westpoint in Exeter will close next week with appointments moving to a new location.

Appointments will move from Westpoint to Greendale Business Park on Thursday 7 May.

The change is taking place as Westpoint starts to return to its commercial events calendar following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Greendale is a little more than two miles from the existing site, and signs will be in put up to guide people there from Westpoint.

Leigh Mansfield, Operations Manager for the NHS coronavirus vaccination site in Exeter said: “All appointments for first or second doses which have already been made remain valid, and it’s really important that if you have one you should continue to attend at the same time.

"From 7 May onwards, please make sure you go to the new site at Greendale Business Park – we’ll be delighted to welcome you.”

Everyone with appointments at Westpoint up to and including 6 May should continue to attend Westpoint as normal where appointments will be honoured.

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