Devon alpaca feared paralysed after shocking dog attack on the mend

Coral the alpaca was badly injured after being bitten by a dog in a privately-owned field in Ilfracombe. Credit: BPM Media

An alpaca in North Devon which was thought to be paralysed after a dog attack is starting to recover.

Coral the alpaca was badly bitten while protecting her young at their home in Ilfracombe earlier this month.

She lives in a privately-owned field at Widmouth Farm Cottages, where guests witnessed the incident.

Bethany, who is the daughter of alpaca owner Alison Brooks, said vets initially feared Coral had been left paralysed but she is now showing signs of improvement.

Vets initially feared Coral may have been paralysed.

''She is still not up and walking but her back legs are moving now,” she said.

''My partner got a nice kick in his leg from her which we were happy about because it means there is still some force in there.

''If in a week or so, if she is still not walking then it won't be looking great, but for now there are signs of improvement.''

Vets discovered a number of puncture wounds on Coral’s bum and thighs following the attack.

The dog and its owner initially left the scene but were later found by Bethany and her partner, and contact details were exchanged.

The family say they are also in contact with the police and the dog warden regarding the incident.

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