Latest Dartmoor fire being treated as suspected arson

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A large heathland fire which broke out on Dartmoor is being treated as suspected arson.

The blaze, near Moretonhampstead, started around 8pm on Tuesday 27 April.

It took several hours for firefighters to bring it under control and, at its worst, the fire spanned more than 200m.

The incident is the latest in a series of rural fires which have happened in the region, including a fire on Dartmoor in February and a three-mile wide blaze in Bodmin.

The latest fire is being treated as suspected arson.

Dartmoor National Park ranger Rob Steemson told ITV News West Country: “It’s illegal, it’s damaging and it’s a real threat to the wildlife and whole ecology and biodiversity of Dartmoor.

The remote location of some of the fires poses a real challenge for the emergency services.

Wayne Rawlins, of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, explained: “It can be quite onerous, especially if the fires are taking place a long way into the moorland.

A fire on Dartmoor Moor from earlier in the year.

“It’s quite difficult to get resources there, having to track across the moor and dealing with fire when it’s hot as well. It’s really challenging.”

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