Truro cat owner warning people to be vigilant over pet poisoning

Tiny was found curled up in a bush outside of her home in the Redannick area of the city "struggling to breathe"

A woman from Truro is warning pet owners to be vigilant after her cat died from suspected poisoning.

Daisy Starr’s beloved pet Tiny was found curled up near a bush by her neighbour on Wednesday 28 April 28 and was rushed to the vet.

Tiny, who was only two and a half years old, was ”struggling to breathe" and had a black tongue - which could indicate anything from a burn to a parasite.

Ms Starr said: "She had already survived someone running her over and leaving her, and she had to have a leg amputated. So she had already been through so much.

"It could have been an accident, and I'd like to hope it was, but people need to remain vigilant anyway. The street I live in, everyone got all their cats in yesterday in case and I've managed to get three of my other four in."

Daisy claims the vets have since confirmed Tiny had been poisoned.

She continued: "Everyone here loves all my cats but it's very strange how she died. The vets 100% said it was some sort of poisoning to me and the neighbour.

"The cats do go in people's gardens a lot so maybe someone got fed up. Anti-freeze poisoning happens with cats, but we searched around and couldn't see any sign of it spilt by someone anywhere. The vets mentioned the antifreeze thing too."

The veterinary practice where Tiny was taken have confirmed no other pets have been brought in under the same circumstances from that area.

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