'Famous' Bishop's Palace swans welcome newly hatched cygnets

The hatching was spotted by fans of the birds on the 'Swan Cam'. Credit: Bishop's Palace

There was excitement brewing in Wells this morning (May 2) after movement was spotted coming from a well-loved nest.

The nest belonging to the famous swans of The Bishop's Palace welcomed the first cygnets of the year when they hatched from their shells.

Two eagle-eyes fans of the birds got in touch with the Palace when they spotted motion among the eggs while watching them via the official webcam stream.

The new arrivals were confirmed by Palace office worker Moira Anderson, who cares for the beloved swans.

Three of the six eggs have now hatched. Credit: Bishop's Palace

She was able to capture the two cygnets born this morning along with a newly hatched sibling at around 1:30pm.

The Palace swans, Grace and Gabriel, created a nest adjacent to the moat and right by the door to the office of The Palace Trust (the charity that runs The Bishop’s Palace), so staff will be able to keep a close eye on the activity in the nest.

Grace and Gabriel are known for ringing the Palace bells. Credit: Bishop's Palace

This year Grace laid at least 6 eggs, so more cygnets are expected to appear over the next few days.

Viewers can enjoy watching the nest at any time of day or night via the 24 hour Swan Cam and if they are lucky they might just spot a cygnet hatching.

Further updates on cygnet numbers will appear on the Palace website.

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