Dog owner tracks down his pet after it was stolen in Plymouth

People are told to pay particular attention to Harry's markings, he has an almost completely black head and a white tail.
Harry was taken on April 30th after being tied up outside Boots Pharmacy on North Road West in Plymouth. Credit: BPM Media

The owner of a dog which was stolen outside Boots pharmacy in Plymouth last Friday has said they have now been reunited.

The owners of three-year-old Harry the spaniel were 'distraught' after it was stolen on Friday 30 April.

Declan Leyland-Lacey and his ex-partner Jenny had last seen their pet when Jenny walked him to Boots pharmacy on North Road West.

She tied the Spaniel up outside, but when she returned moments later she found he had disappeared.

Harry the spaniel is three years old. Credit: BPM Media

Declan has said that the pair have finally managed to track down their pet in Devonport Park last night (Sunday 2 May).

Declan said: "I was driving at night around the parks, probably looking a little suspicious myself when I saw what looked like Harry with a bloke by Devonport Park.

"I slowed down to a crawl, pulled the window down and called Harry and he looked at me so I just stopped in the road and jumped out - the man let go."

"He kind of pretended he had found him. When I started to question his story he pegged it up the road.

"Then I just kind of stood shaking and holding the dog in the road, chances of that must be a 1,000 to 1."The dog is okay, just tired and hungry much like me."

He added that he is providing police with a description of the man for further investigation.

ITV West Country has contacted Devon and Cornwall Police for an update.