Fundraiser for Plymouth dog put through pregnancies to make money

Wanda is recovering from intensive overbreeding at Gables Dogs and Cats Home. Credit: BPM Media

A fundraiser has been launched to support a neglected dog put through multiple pregnancies to make money.

Gables Dogs and Cats Home are appealing to raise funds for Wanda, who was used solely for breeding by her previous owner.

Despite only being a young dog, staff at the sanctuary say she is already showing signs of intensive overbreeding - like being unsteady on her feet and unable to walk.

Further medical assessments revealed internal issues which will require surgical intervention, and staff say these will cost more than £2,000.

Wanda needs surgeries which will cost around £2,000. Credit: BPM Media

Deputy manager Ruth Rickard said: “Wanda is a very sweet, clever girl who has a cheeky side which never fails to make us all smile. 

“As Wanda’s puppies have now all found their forever homes, it is time for her to get the treatment she requires so she is fit and well enough to find the loving home that she deserves.

"We are confident that this treatment will greatly improve her quality of life so she can go on to have a happy and healthy future with her forever family."

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