Meet the miniature pony that's the same height as a daffodil

The two-week-old pony is around as tall as a daffodil stem. Credit: Miniature Pony Centre.

One of the smallest foals ever has been born at the Miniature Pony Centre in Devon.

The two-week-old pony, which is barley taller than a daffodil, is a mix between a spotted pony and a miniature spotted stallion.

It was born last month and stands just at 18 inches tall.

It is currently nameless with the center running a competition to name him.

Joanna Ginsberg, from the center, said: "He has a real personality.

The pony is just 18 inches tall. Credit: Miniature Pony Centre.

"He's very bold and very sure of himself, he's absolutely full of energy and already getting a bit cheeky.

"He'll be a heartbreaker for sure. We don't have a name yet but we're thinking it might be Oreo."

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