Star Wars: Darth Vader's items up for auction in Bristol including script missing secret

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More than 600 items of Star Wars memorabilia belonging to the actor who played Darth Vader have gone on sale at a Bristol auction house.

Dave Prowse from Southmead in Bristol played the iconic villain in the late seventies and early eighties. He died at the age of 85 last year.

Now for the first time his unique belongings from filming the original trilogy are being sold at an auction house in Hanham to raise money for charity.

His family had hoped the collection would raise £100,000, however, the final amount is expected to exceed this.

"The biggest successes are first thing this morning (May 4th) was a great signed picture of Mark Hamil, who played Luke SkyWalker-that said from your loving son.

"That sold for £15,000."

Prowse's script is one of the items expected to fetch a large amount price at the auction. Credit: ITV News

Prowse's script for the Empire strikes back is one of the most prized items at the auction. He didn't voice Darth Vader and had no idea he would say the iconic words 'I am your Father' because the director didn't write in the script to guard the secret.

"Star Wars is the Beatles of the film industry for many people nothing compares.

"It's watched, rewatched again, released tweaked, released again.

"The amount of spin-offs and programmes that are starting up again I don't think the love for Star Wars will ever die."

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