'Unprecedented' amounts of litter being left on Exeter's streets

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There are growing concerns over the amount of litter being left on Exeter's streets as lockdown has seen it grow to 'unprecedented levels'.

More than 2,000 tonnes of litter has been collected from Exeter's streets and parks in the past two years, but the city council says the lockdown takeaway economy has seen it grow exponentially. Up to 27 street cleaners spend each day picking up a minimum of between 45 and 50 bags of litter every day.

In recent weeks staff and business owners on Exeter Quay have been helping the street teams each morning.

Credit: ITV News

"People that come down here in the evenings tend to leave all their beer bottles and cans and takeaway wrappers lying around," Adam Preston of Boatyard Bakery told ITV News.

"Lots of the local businesses have to help the street cleaners in the morning clear it up."

Ollie Wakefield of the Veg Box Cafe added: "We fill a few bags up and just leave them so when the council get here they can pick them up.

"I think when things are back to normal I think it'll even out a bit and they won't be such a crowd here."

Credit: ITV News

The local authority has added more litter bins and extra street cleaners in a bid to stay on top of the record levels of rubbish.

Cat Chambers, from the city council, said: "The issue is we have to cover over 400km of public highway and the equivalent of 200 football pitches worth of green space during the course of a 37-hour shift.

"It's not that we don't have operatives out there, it's just that they are working full-time."

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