Woman in Cornwall accidentally orders 12 tonnes of compost for allotment after miscalculation

Jo Edwards said it was "quite dramatic" when the compost arrived. Credit: BPM Media

A woman from Liskeard was left with 12 tonnes of compost outside her house after a miscalculation on her new allotment.

As part of a lockdown project, Jo Edwards ordered three bags of soil to fill the rose beds she had made for her grandchildren.

However, when the delivery arrived, she was left surprised when a giant pile of compost was dumped in front of her house.

Jo said: "I had some time on my hands and took up the allotment. As part of this, I decided to make some rose beds for the grandchildren and decided to order some compost for them."I tried to work out what the mass would be like and it's quite a lot. I then noticed it would work out cheaper to get the biggest load I could get.

“It was quite dramatic when it turned up and a surprise when I saw 12 tonnes of soil at the front of my property.”

Jo hopes to use all the compost. Credit: BPM Media

Rather than let her new consignment go to waste, Jo says she is planning to make more rose-beds than initially planned.

The new addition of the compost mountain has been turning heads locally, with Jo saying her neighbours and friends found the sight very entertaining.

Jo said: “The compost heap has kept the kids entertained and the neighbours have enjoyed seeing it too.

"Quite a few who have seen the pictures on Facebook have come over to have a look. I’m just doing my allotments but everyone is finding it entertaining. People think I’m crazy.

“It might take me a couple of weeks to get it over to the allotment. I’ve only got a wheelbarrow to move it all, so by doing the loads barrow by barrow it’s definitely going to take some time.”

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