'Wonder Girl' who raised £50k for charity star of new children's book

Carmela Chillery-Watson is now the star of her mum's book. Credit: Family

A girl from Wiltshire who raised more than £50,000 for charity is the star of a new children's book.

In September Carmela Chillery-Watson, who has muscular dystrophy, walked 10km every day for a month dressed as Wonder Woman.

Her mum Lucy was inspired by her daughter's efforts and has written a children's picture book entitled 'Wonder Girl Carmela & Tinker the Stinker'.

Lucy said: "I wanted to bring in some small regular money to help the charity with the research.

"Carmela is usually very upbeat, but we went through a few days where she was saying she did not like having muscular dystrophy, then at Christmas Tinker (the dog) was making some almighty smells - and the idea was born.

"I started writing at the beginning of January between 10pm and 2am when Carmela was asleep. It is aimed at three to eight-year-olds and is perfect if you have a child who loves adventure or animals."

Carmela has a rare form of muscular dystrophy and has been raising money for research that will help other children like her. Credit: Family

Carmela's dad, Darren Chillery-Watson, made headlines when he decided to live in the shed to keep his daughter safe at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Carmela was diagnosed with LMNA Congenital Muscular Dystrophy in 2017. Her condition and abilities will deteriorate over time and she might not survive to adulthood.

Lucy said: "It's on the very severe spectrum. It's one in every million babies that get it. Worldwide it's just a handful.

"It's a muscle wasting condition. It weakens all the skeletal muscles. It will affect her heart and lungs in the long run but eventually children that are born fine with this condition will lose their ability to walk later."

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