Bristol Mayoral election results: Labour's Marvin Rees wins

bristol mayor elections labour candidate marvin rees

Voters in Bristol have once again chosen Marvin Rees to serve as the city's mayor - and he says it will be his final term in office.

The Labour candidate made history when he was elected to office almost five years ago, becoming the first mayor of a major European city from black African descent.

Now, in the third-ever mayoral elections in the city, he has once again been chosen to serve the city as mayor. Scroll down for the results in full.

Tonight's count also made history as it became the first mayoral race in the UK with a Green candidate making it to second place.

Sandy Hore-Ruthven beat both the Conservative and the Liberal Democrat candidates to the final stage of the race when he came second in the first choice votes.

The returning mayor says: "It's always a very humbling thing and almost an otherworldly thing to meet someone that says the voted for you.

"Getting elected first time is one thing, getting re-elected is something of a whole different order.

"The way we've tried to lead the city we've tried to be inclusive, we've focused on delivering social justice on the face of climate and ecological emergencies and we'll continue in that vein."

What is the mayor of Bristol responsible for?

The Mayor of Bristol is the most powerful person in local government, with a budget of nearly £400 million to spend on local issues.

Issues the mayor has authority over include setting the cost of council tax (within restrictions set by government), public transport, infrastructure of roads, council housing and social care.

What has Mr Rees pledged to do?

During his campaign, he pledged to build 2,000 homes a year with 1,000 affordable and council homes. He also said he would bring more buses on to key routes and provide free travel students and apprentices. 

Other focuses of his campaign were bringing jobs and investment into the city and doubling trees, grow food across the city and invest in clean energy

  • Results of the stage one count were:

Tom Baldwin - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition - 3,194 votes

Robert Vernon Clarke - Reform UK – 806 votes

Sean Patrick Donnelly – Independent - 4,956 votes

Dr. Caroline Gooch - Liberal Democrat - 15,517 votes

Sandy Hore-Ruthven - Green Party - 36,331 votes

John Langley – Independent - 1,528 votes

Marvin Jonathan Rees - Labour Party - 50,510 votes

Oska Damon Shaw – 389 votes

Alastair Peter Lindsay Watson - Conservative Party - 25,816 votes

  • The result of the second stage count were:

Sandy Hore-Ruthven - Green Party – 45,663

Marvin Jonathan Rees – Labour Party – 59,276

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