Eid 2021: Muslims celebrate end of Ramadan across the West Country

  • Arif Khan, Chair of the Council of Bristol Mosques, speaks to ITV News West Country.

Muslim communities across the South West have come together to celebrate Eid in person for the first time in two years.

The Jamia Mosque in Easton, Bristol, held services this morning (May 13) in compliance with the latest Covid-19 restrictions.

Despite limited numbers, Arif Khan, who is Chair of the Council of Bristol Mosques, said it was "marvellous" to bring people together.

"We had four different Eid prayers this morning where we could only accommodate 120 to 130 people at each time," Arif explained.

Muslims in Bristol took part in prayers at the Jamia Mosque in Easton.

"Normally, we would accommodate 450 plus people. It was absolutely marvellous.

"The Muslim community loved it, even though we are celebrating Eid but not forgetting the ones who have lost their loved ones either."

Elsewhere in the region, staff at a kebab house in Helston, Cornwall, enjoyed a meal together as they are part of the same household bubble.

Hasan Kilic, who is a member of the Cornwall Islamic Community Centre, said they would usually celebrate Eid at their local mosque.

Instead, he held a small get-together with his friends, family and work colleagues to mark the special occasion.

Places of worship are permitted to reopen now lockdown restrictions have eased.

But religious festivals - like Eid - usually attract large gatherings, which is why a number of events in the region could not go ahead as planned.

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