Family 'robbed' as healthy young woman dies from sepsis after routine operation

Chloe Rideout with family dog
Chloe Rideout was described by her mother as "a strong, fit 20-year-old woman." Credit: Cornwall Live/MEN MEDIA

The mother of a young woman who died of sepsis following a routine operation says she has been robbed of her daughter.

An inquest into the death of 20-year-old Chloe Rideout, from Coverack in Cornwall, has heard how she died from multi-organ failure due to sepsis and a perforated appendix post-operatively.

Chloe Rideout's mother yesterday (May 12) told a coroner "many people let her down".

She raised concerns about the role of health professionals, including Chloe's original treatment at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, the 111 out of hours service, the 999 service, and her final care at Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske.

20-year-old Chloe was described as a "lovely person." Credit: Cornwall Live/MEN MEDIA

Chloe's mum, Sharon Rideout, said she was a "lovely person, a fit and well young lady" and "gave so much to other people".

"We as a family can't believe so many professionals did not spot any signs of sepsis and we feel so many people have let Chloe down," she said.

"You worry about your children driving, going out at night and drinking alcohol, but not at any stage do you think you need to worry about your child having a routine operation in hospital.

What happened?

On October 7, 2018, Chloe started to fell unwell and was taken to the A&E department at Derriford Hospital.

Her mum told how she was in so much pain, she could not sit down properly.

Doctors operated on her on October 9 and sent Chloe home on October 13, despite pain developing in her back.

Chloe was saving up to go travelling because she "wanted to see the world". Credit: BPM Media

The following day, after experiencing pain overnight, Mrs Rideout called 111 to speak to an out-of-hours doctor.

A nurse was sent out to see Chloe but, after she left, Mrs Rideout called 999.

Three calls - and 90 minutes later - an ambulance arrived to take Chloe to the hospital at Treliske.

Mrs Rideout told the inquest her daughter felt "unsafe" and afraid.

On October 16, doctors told Mrs Rideout that Chloe's liver was failing and she needed to attend specialists in London. But it was decided she was too ill to travel.

Chloe suffered liver failure and and was operated on at Treliske before being placed on a kidney dialysis machine, as her kidneys started to fail too.

She died on October 20.

A post mortem examination later revealed she suffered multi-organ failure due to sepsis and a perforated appendix post-operatively.

The inquest - which is expected to last three days - continues.

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