When will it stop raining across the West Country?

  • Watch: Rainfall in the West Country on 13/14 May.

It is as though someone has left the tap running; the West Country has seen more rain so far in May than throughout all of April.

Here is a look at the stats:

April's rainfall compared to the first 10 days of May Credit: Met Office

Those figures do not take into account the deluge we saw over parts of Devon, Somerset and Dorset on May 13 or 14.

Thanks to a stubborn, slow-moving area of low pressure, some places saw an average May's worth of rain fall in a little over 24 hours.

We typically have around 77mm of rain in an average May, so what has been going on to go from an incredibly dry month to an incredibly wet one the next?

It is all to do with blocked weather patterns, where something stops our prevailing southwesterly winds transporting high and low pressure, sunshine and fronts across the UK.

It has been a pretty wet May so far.

The main culprit looks like a weak and often displaced jet stream, stopping much rain reaching us in April, but delivering us plenty so far this month.

It seems like the chilly and changeable theme may last until the start of summer, with indications of drier, warmer weather into the start of June.

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